The experience acquired from the high quantity of applications where Filternox Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are installed, reveals that the applications of filtering processes are found in many fields of human activity. Both in the domestic life and the industry in general, those industrial processes requiring the most innovative techniques are particularly important.

The variety of filtration devices or filters is so wide as the variety of materials available as filtration media and particular conditions of each application: from simple devices up to complex computerized systems developed under the last technology and engineering for the industry.

High-quality equipment are requested in order to facilitate the suitability of the processes, extending therefore the machinery service life providing the minimum maintenance and reducing the costs of repairing or spare parts for the application.

Filternox Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters are manufactured from stainless steel. All internal parts are manufactured of either plastic or non corrosive metals to ensure extended service life.
The cylindrical body of Filternox filters, designed to work up to 10 bars maximum working pressure, can be directly installed on to the pipelines. There is no need of special support or place.
The coarse stainless steel screen and the fine stainless steel screen mounted in the body perform physical fine filtration from 3000 down to 15 microns, according to purification application.
The back-flushing control unit installed on the filter body provides automatic self-cleaning of the filter by using the pressure of the water without requiring any additional energy.
The selection of a filtration equipment in general requires a study of the specifications and aims of the process together with the evaluation of the capacity and characteristics of the filtration equipment on which the considerations regarding the filtering media are important.
Commonly, the characteristics of the fluid to be treated such as flow and pressure, nature of the solid contents, temperature, granulometry and chemical properties are determinant for the election of the filter.
The main characteristic of Filternox Automatic Selfcleaning Filters is to perform automatic self-cleaning by using the pressure of the water to be filtered without the need of any other supplementary energy source such as electricity, air, etc. Filternox filters standard production is completely manufactured in stainless steel covering a range of 25 m3/h to 2000 m3/h in one unit. 

For high suspended solids contents, ANTEL presents to the market Filternox
Optimist and Katamaran types which have automatic self cleaning for the coarse screen, besides automatic self cleaning fine screen. These products enable to make a two-stage filtration in one filter unit. 

Its stainless steel structure, large filtration area and other superior characteristics make Filternox filters unique among all other similar devices. Filternox filters providing much higher performance under more favorable conditions find applications in many different areas for the filtration of water and various fluids.

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